16th December 2023 Current Affairs & MCQ

16th december 2023 current affairs & mcq

1. Vijay Diwas Celebration
– Celebrates India’s big win over Pakistan in 1971 war.
– Resulted in the liberation of Bangladesh from Pakistan.
– Honors the historic military victory on December 16.

2. Uma Sekhar’s Achievement
– Uma Sekhar from India elected to the governing council of UNIDROIT.
– UNIDROIT is based in Rome and deals with private law unification.
– She competed with 32 contestants globally, including the US, China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and France.

3. China’s Nuclear Reactor
– China launches the world’s first fourth-generation nuclear reactor.
– Represents a significant advancement in nuclear technology.
– Shows China’s progress in the field of nuclear energy.

4. Iran’s Visa Policy Change
– The Government of Iran approves the abolition of visas for Indian citizens.
– Effective from February 4, 2024.
– Reflects a positive development in diplomatic relations between Iran and India.

16th December 2023 Current Affairs MCQ

1.Vijay Diwas War Context
– Question: In which year did the historic military victory against Pakistan, celebrated as Vijay Diwas, take place?
a. 1965
b. 1971
c. 1984
d. 1999
Answer: b. 1971

2.. Uma Sekhar’s Organization:
– Question: What does UNIDROIT stand for, the organization to which Uma Sekhar was elected?
a. United Nations International Development Organization
b. Uniform International Institute for Private Law
c. Universal Institute for Diplomatic Relations and Open International Trade
d. United Nations International Institute for Conflict Resolution
Answer: b. Uniform International Institute for Private Law

3.. China’s Nuclear Breakthrough
– Question: What key feature distinguishes a fourth-generation nuclear reactor from earlier generations?
a. Higher energy efficiency
b. Increased safety measures
c. Advanced waste management
d. Improved sustainability
Answer: d. Improved sustainability

4.. Iran-India Visa Policy Effect
– Question: What does the abolition of visas for Indian citizens by Iran signify for bilateral relations?
a. Strained relations
b. Enhanced diplomatic ties
c. Trade restrictions
d. Military cooperation
Answer: b. Enhanced diplomatic ties

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