Bihar Special MCQ in Hindi

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आप तब तक नहीं हार सकते,
जब तक आप प्रयास करना नहीं छोड़ देते
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सपनें देखो ,
सपनें विचारों में बदलते हैं और विचार क्रिया में
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अगर तुम सिखने की इच्छा नहीं रखते
तो कोई तुम्हे नहीं सिख सकता ,
और अगर तुम सीखना चाहते हो तो कोई तुम्हे नहीं रोक सकता
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We provide you Four ways to crack your exam
1. Challenger- In this section you will find 10 practice questions of moderate level of various topics of your syllabus .
This section will help you to sharp your knowledge. The time limit of challenger is less so that solving question in very
less timing will boost your question solving speed. After solving each challenger you will find your score and a comparison
of your score with the average score obtained by other students till then.

2.Capsules - In this section we provide you capsuled short notes and MCQs of various topics, that will enhance your knowlwdge and make you confident in that topic by solving lots of MCQs. Short notes will help you in quick revision at the time of your exams.

3.Ratta Maar Zone - Ratta Maar Zone is the section where we provide very essential and frequently asked topics that you anyhow need to mugup.This is very important section because from here you may find direct questions in your exams.

4.Online Test Series - Practice Makes a man perfect. No matter how much time you gives on reading books and mugging up the notes,  It is practice which makes you more perfect and confident about your prepration. Try to write mock tests as much as possible to minimise  your error. Taking up such mock tests helps you analyse how much study you have done and how much more needs to be done. Here this section consists of several mock exams or practice tests prcisely made on the pattern of every exam.