15th January 2024 Current Affairs & MCQ

Sources for current affairs on 15th January 2024 include Indian Express, Times of India (TOI), The Hindu, Hindustan Times, and Mint, PIB, All India Radio.

1. Maldives-India Relations
– Maldives government urges the withdrawal of Indian troops.
– A deadline of March 15 has been set.

2. Uniform Civil Code in Uttarakhand
– India’s Defence Minister mentions Uttarakhand as a potential pioneer for implementing a Uniform Civil Code (UCC).

3. NASA-ISRO Collaboration – NISAR Mission
– NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) is a joint Earth-observing mission.
– Utilizes L-band and S-band radar systems to gather data even during polar winter nights.

4. Cultural Continuity in Vadnagar after Indus Valley Civilization
– IIT Kharagpur study finds evidence of cultural continuity in Vadnagar post-Indus Valley Civilisation collapse.
– Challenges the notion of a ‘Dark Age’ in that region.

5. Inauguration of India’s First National Highway Steel Slag Road Section
– Located on NH-66 Mumbai-Goa National Highway.
– Constructed with 28% less thickness compared to conventional bituminous roads.

6. Indian Army Day – January 15
– Celebrates the commissioning of the first Indian contingent of the Indian Army in 1949.

7. Congress’ ‘Yuva Nidhi’ Scheme Launch in Karnataka
– Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah inaugurates the fifth and final poll guarantee of the Congress – ‘Yuva Nidhi’ scheme in Shivamogga.

8. Cultural Celebrations on January 15
– Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti marks the Sun’s entry into Capricorn.
– The Tamilian community celebrates Pongal.
– Assamese natives organize Bhogali (Maghi) Bihu gatherings.

15th January 2024 Current Affairs MCQ

1. What is the deadline set by the Maldives government for the withdrawal of Indian troops?
A) March 1
B) March 10
C) March 15
D) March 31

Answer: C) March 15

2. Which Indian state is likely to become the first to implement a Uniform Civil Code (UCC)?
A) Maharashtra
B) Uttarakhand
C) Karnataka
D) Tamil Nadu

Answer: B) Uttarakhand

3. What does NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) use to gather comprehensive data during polar winter nights?
A) Optical cameras
B) Infrared sensors
C) L-band and S-band radar systems
D) GPS technology

Answer: C) L-band and S-band radar systems

4. According to a joint study by IIT Kharagpur, what evidence did they find in Vadnagar after the collapse of the Indus Valley Civilisation?
A) Cultural disruption
B) Evidence of a ‘Dark Age’
C) Cultural continuity
D) Economic decline

Answer: C) Cultural continuity

5. Where is India’s first National Highway Steel Slag road section located?
A) NH-44 Delhi-Kolkata National Highway
B) NH-66 Mumbai-Goa National Highway
C) NH-22 Chandigarh-Shimla National Highway
D) NH-7 Bangalore-Chennai National Highway

Answer: B) NH-66 Mumbai-Goa National Highway

6. What does Indian Army Day commemorate?
A) Independence Day
B) Republic Day
C) The commissioning of the first Indian Army contingent
D) Victory in a specific war

Answer: C) The commissioning of the first Indian Army contingent in 1949

7. In which city was the fifth and final poll guarantee of the Congress, the ‘Yuva Nidhi’ scheme, launched?
A) Bengaluru
B) Delhi
C) Mumbai
D) Shivamogga

Answer: D) Shivamogga

8. Which cultural celebrations occur on January 15, marking the Sun’s entry into Capricorn?
A) Diwali
B) Pongal
C) Holi
D) Eid

Answer: B) Pongal

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