3rd March 2024 Current Affairs & MCQ

Sources for current affairs on 3rd March 2024 include Indian Express, Times of India (TOI), The Hindu, Hindustan Times, and Mint, PIB, All India Radio.

1. World Wildlife Day (WWD)
– Celebrated on March 3rd.
– Focuses on appreciating and raising awareness about wild animals and plants.

2. World Hearing Day
– Also observed on March 3rd.
– Aims to promote ear and hearing care globally.

3. Paralympic Legend in BJP
– Paralympic gold medalist in javelin joins BJP.
– Will contest in the parliamentary election from Churu, Rajasthan.

4. Iranian Singer and Grammy Award
– Iranian singer shervin Hajipour wins a Grammy for a protest anthem.
– Supports the 2022 protest related to Mahsa Amini’s death.

5. New Species of World’s Largest Snake
– Discovered in Ecuador’s forest.
– Named Eunectes akiyama.

6. Quality Control Order (QCO) on Viscose Staple Fibre in India
– India implements Quality Control Order (QCO) for importing viscose staple fibre.
– Aligns with international textile ministry guidelines.

7. Special Trading Session by Stock Exchanges
– BSE and NSE organize a special trading session on March 2nd.
– Aimed at testing the Disaster Recovery site.

8. Production of Penicillin G in India
– Common antibiotic Penicillin G production resumes in India after 30 years.
– To start from March.

3rd March 2024 Current Affairs & MCQ

1. What is the focus of World Wildlife Day (WWD)?
a) Marine Conservation
b) Wild Animals and Plants
c) Environmental Pollution
d) Endangered Species

Answer: b) Wild Animals and Plants

2. When is World Hearing Day observed?
a) February 28
b) March 1
c) March 3
d) March 5

Answer: c) March 3

3. Which Indian state will witness a Paralympic legend contesting in the parliamentary election with a BJP ticket?
a) Maharashtra
b) Rajasthan
c) Uttar Pradesh
d) Karnataka

Answer: b) Rajasthan

4. For what protest did an Iranian singer Hervin Hajipour win a Grammy Award for his anthem?
a) Climate Change
b) LGBTQ+ Rights
c) Women’s Equality
d) Mahsa Amini’s Death

Answer: d) Mahsa Amini’s Death

5. Where was a new species of the world’s largest snake, Eunectes akiyama, found?
a) Amazon Rainforest
b) Australian Outback
c) Ecuador’s Forest
d) African Savanna

Answer: c) Ecuador’s Forest

6. What does QCO stand for in the context of the Indian textile ministry’s guidelines?
a) Quality Control Order
b) Quality Check Office
c) Quantity Control Order
d) Quality Compliance Order

Answer: a) Quality Control Order

7. Why did Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) organize a special trading session on March 2nd?
a) Annual Celebration
b) Testing Disaster Recovery Site
c) Launching a New Index
d) Celebrating a Milestone

Answer: b) Testing Disaster Recovery Site

8. When will the production of Penicillin G in India resume after a hiatus of 30 years?
a) February
b) March
c) April
d) May

Answer: b) March

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