31st December 2023 Current Affairs & MCQ

Sources for current affairs on 31st December 2023 include Indian Express, Times of India (TOI), The Hindu, Hindustan Times, and Mint.

1. India’s Forex Reserve
– Current Amount: $620 Billion.

2. Argentina and BRICS
– Confirmation: Argentina is not joining BRICS.

3. Ayodhya Dham Paths
– Ram Path: 13 km long.
– Dharma Path: 2 km long.
– Sri Ram Janmbhumi Path: 566 meters long.
– Bhakti Path: 742 meters long.

4. PM Vishwakarma Scheme
– Launch Date: 17th September 2023.
– Objective: Provides end-to-end support for artisans and craftspeople working with hands and tools.

5. National Transit Pass System (NTPS)
– Launched by: Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav.
– Initiative: ‘One Nation-One Pass.’
– Purpose: Facilitates seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and other forest produce across India.

6. Deven Parekh Appointment
– Position: Appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC).
– Appointing Authority: US President Joe Biden.
– Background: Deven Parekh is a prominent Indian-American global venture capitalist.

31st December 2023 Current Affairs MCQ

1. What is the current amount of India's Forex Reserve?
   A) $620 Million
   B) $620 Billion
   C) $620 Trillion
   D) $620 Thousand
   Answer: B) $620 Billion

2. Which country recently confirmed that it will not be joining BRICS?
   A) Brazil
   B) Russia
   C) India
   D) Argentina
   Answer: D) Argentina

3. What is the length of the Sri Ram Janmbhumi Path in Ayodhya Dham?
   A) 566 km
   B) 566 meters
   C) 566 miles
   D) 566 centimeters
   Answer: B) 566 meters

4. When was the PM Vishwakarma Scheme launched?
   A) 17th September 2022
   B) 17th September 2023
   C) 17th September 2024
   D) 17th September 2025
   Answer: B) 17th September 2023

5. Who launched the National Transit Pass System (NTPS) - 'One Nation-One Pass' in India?
   A) Prime Minister
   B) Finance Minister
   C) Home Minister
   D) Minister for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change
   Answer: D) Minister for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Bhupender Yadav

6. Deven Parekh was appointed to the Board of Directors of which organization?
   A) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
   B) World Bank
   C) International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC)
   D) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
   Answer: C) International Development Finance Corporation (IDFC)

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