29th December 2023 Current Affairs & MCQ

Sources for current affairs on 29th December 2023 include Indian Express, Times of India (TOI), The Hindu, Hindustan Times, and Mint.

1. Tour D’Argent Reopens
– Location: Paris, France
– Age: 441 years old
– Notable Mention: Inspired the movie Ratatouille

2. India’s First Rupee Payment for UAE Crude Oil
– Significance: Historic first-ever rupee payment
– Transaction Type: Purchase of crude oil from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

3. Death of Gaston Glock
– Notable Figure: Developer of the world’s best-selling handgun
– Impact: His legacy in the firearms industry

4. Demise of Vijayakanth (Captain)
– Affiliation: DMDK (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam) leader
– Profession: Tamil cinema superstar
– Popular Name: ‘Captain’

5. Nina Singh’s Appointment as CISF Director General
– Historic Achievement: First woman appointed to the position
– Organization: Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)

6. Anish Dayal Singh as CRPF Director General
– New Appointment: Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

7. Reliance Jio and IIT Bombay Partnership
– Collaboration: Reliance Jio teams up with IIT Bombay
– Product Launch: Introduction of Bharat GPT
– Purpose: Development of an operating system (OS) for smart TVs

29th December 2023 Current Affairs MCQ

1. What inspired the movie Ratatouille and recently reopened in Paris after being 441 years old?
A) Eiffel Tower
B) Louvre Museum
C) Tour D’Argent
D) Notre-Dame Cathedral

Answer: C) Tour D’Argent

2. Which country made its first-ever rupee payment for the purchase of crude oil from the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?
A) China
B) India
C) Japan
D) Saudi Arabia

Answer: B) India

3. Who recently passed away, known for developing the world’s best-selling handgun?
A) Gaston Glock
B) John Browning
C) Samuel Colt
D) Mikhail Kalashnikov

Answer: A) Gaston Glock

4. Which Tamil cinema superstar, also known as ‘Captain,’ recently died and was associated with DMDK (Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam)?
A) Rajinikanth
B) Vijay
C) Kamal Haasan
D) Vijayakanth

Answer: D) Vijayakanth

5. Who made history by becoming the first woman appointed as the Director General of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)?
A) Priyanka Chopra
B) Kiran Bedi
C) Nina Singh
D) Indira Gandhi

Answer: C) Nina Singh

6. Who has been appointed as the Director General of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)?
A) Anish Dayal Singh
B) Vikram Singh
C) Rajeev Rai Bhatnagar
D) K. Durga Prasad

Answer: A) Anish Dayal Singh

7. Reliance Jio partnered with which institution to launch Bharat GPT, aimed at developing an operating system for smart TVs?
A) IIT Madras
B) IIT Delhi
C) IIT Bombay
D) IIT Kanpur

Answer: C) IIT Bombay

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